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Let's change the world together, one child at a time!

What we achieved so far


sponsored children


family helped during covid pandemic


mother and baby supported


access to toilets


months per youth

How does it work

You're just 3 steps from the launch of your project

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1. Launch your project

Decide on the nature of your project (race, birthday, etc.), present it as well as your motivations. With this new project, not only do you have a new goal in front of you, but you also give your entourage the opportunity to get involved in a project that makes sense. In this way, you will bring more people together to make a difference in the fight against extreme poverty.

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2. Choose a fund for your impact

Concretely choose the cause you want to support with your project. Building safe toilets, ensuring the survival of mothers and their babies? Or find sponsors for children in extreme poverty?

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3. Publish and start sending love

Make your project known around you! Share the link of your project on social networks, via WhatsApp or e-mail and motivate others to support you!

Active projects

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